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for the

Halloween Season...

Ever been stuck for great gift basket ideas? Are you completely at a loss? Gift baskets are a fabulous idea and I can provide you with plenty of homemade gift ideas. Everyone loves to open a gift basket to see how much good stuff is in there.

You can personalize a gift basket or container to suit any person, or their dog! Or, you can build it round a theme to suit a specific occasion.

You can create your own basket gifts for a two legged or a four legged friend? Or anyone in between come to think of it!

Everyone loves to receive a gift basket, however many legs they have! It's like getting more than one present all in one go.

I would rather be given a basket filled with lots of unique, interesting treasures, rather than one boring old ribbon wrapped box!

What about you?

So Let's Make Friends!

Personalized Gift Baskets
With Pizzazz!

Here's what Benjamin Franklin had to say about it.

" It is far better to GIVE a gift basket than to receive one ".

Well I don't know about that?

So, you have my attention...Dazzle me with your gift basket ideas!

There had better be food involved if you want to keep me interested.

I'm especially keen on

gourmet dog treats


I want your lucky recipients to be over the moon about all the great stuff you've been inspired to put together for them! I want you to have fun doing it!

This site is all about inspiration, creativity, fun and uniqueness while keeping the focus on being environmentally responsible and naturally healthy. In other words, Green Pizzazz!

" We are all about Green Pizzazz no doubt about that, but did someone mention dog treats? "

" Green?!..Yeh, whatever..."

" Maybe in future you could concentrate on customizing cool gift baskets and not on customizing your dog? "

I want you to have fun exploring this website with all my great gift basket ideas. I hope it will inspire some ideas of your own. Break out! All in all, there are unlimited options when it comes to choosing items for your personalized gift baskets.

OK, so this may not be quite what you have in mind when someone mentions

Dog Gift Baskets,

but I'm sure I can help to clear that up for you!

Gift Basket Ideas
From Scratch, or Not!

Don't mention scratching again!

Perhaps you want to design a gift basket containing items you've made yourself. This website will provide you with lots of fun craft project ideas. I can even help you to save money on craft projects by turning trash to treasure.

We all like to save money right?

Plus, what could feel better than doing something for the environment while making someone else happy? I'll provide you with plenty of excellent craft projects using recycled items. Some trash really can be made into treasure!

On the other hand, maybe you need ideas for a slick, high end designer gift basket filled with exclusive fancy gift items. You know, like the ones that OSCAR nominees receive! So you decide. What will it be?

Then have fun and click on for inspiration!

Trick or Treat?

"What's it gonna be Punk?!"

Halloween Collar Bling

See how...

"Nice Halloween Costume Dude..."

"Let's not overdo the treat thing eh..."

Enough with the Scary stuff already!

Check out some

Beautiful Pet Portraits

and Caricatures instead